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A Private collaborative organization
for people of influence

How is CXO Different?

CXO was created by a small group of influential people as a more effective method of expanding their personal network, without the need for Vendors, Speakers or Sponsors.

Rather than focus on "Business Content", CXO was built with the single mission of "helping influential people meet, and develop relationships with other influential people".  It is often these relationships that have a greater impact on our member's personal and professional success than any content we could provide.

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the Origin of "CXO"

In July of 2000, a handful of executives were complaining over lunch about how unproductive networking events had become. They needed a way to grow their network of other influential leaders without being intruded upon by salespeople and the unemployed. They began to organize informal and private gatherings of influential leaders with three rules: No vendors, no speakers, and no sponsors.

The overwhelming interest they generated among the local executive community for such an environment led to the formation of CXO in 2001.

Because our members are often CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CHROs, etc., they are all CxO's - thus the origin of the name.



what to expect

At CXO gatherings, you won’t only meet the characteristic local executives.  Our staff searches the community for influencers who may not attend the other events in the area.  It’s not uncommon to run into top military brass, foreign political leaders, heads of private equity and venture capital, as well as the Sr. Officers of the largest companies in the region.  

At CXO events, you will be provided with a list of attendees so that you can decide who you want to meet.  Introduction facilitators are also available to find and introduce you to attendees of interest.  The entire event is spent getting to know each other on a personal level - and finding ways to help each other.


Phone: (720) 981-3570


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